No, I couldn't date an asexual girl. I might really like her as a friend, but romantically we wouldn't be sexually compatible. If I was asexual myself yes, but I'm not so no. Look for someone who is asexual otherwise you're wasting people's time. If she's willing to have sex from time to time regardless of that, yes. Otherwise, there'd be a hella lot of drama. I'd consider it if she allowed me to get sex from someone else while still being emotionally committed to her. I mean as long as she understood it wouldn't be an exclusive relationship why not?

Would I get blowjobs?

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Or would she pose nude for me so I can madturbate to her sexy body? If she was okay with an open relationship, or me being able to have sexual relations with others than I guess I'd date her and see how things go. If someone was an actual asexual they would be able to fuck themselves and get pregnant, read a book. Asexual just means "without sex".

Asexual reproduction is reproduction without sex. Asexual sexual orientation is a requirement that romantic relationships remain without sex. Yes, books are cool, you should read some too. Its not being judgmental its being factual, only microscopic organisms can be asexual, like i said read a book. I am aware of asexual reproduction, but it's obviously not what I have thought about. So basically the whole question in simple language is- would you be able to be in a romantic relationship with someone who doesn't want to have sex?

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Yes, while sex is important to some romantic relationships, it's also irrelevant in some other romantic relationships. Guys, would you be able to date an asexual girl? Asexual people don't have sex, not like monks and celebate, they just don't feel a need for it and don't find people sexually "interesting".

Dating an Asexual

Some of them find people physically attractive and can fall in love, but don't want to have sex. So if you found a girl like this, and she likes you and you like her, would you be able to date her? Hey guys, I'm curious what you think. Do guys actually prefer virgin girls and girls with not much sexual experience? So far, we've had very few fights and hardly any relationship struggles. This is where I first got an obvious hint that she might not be as into sex as I thought she was.

We had a lot of trouble being able to find time to be together, as she was and still is an active Girl Scout leader. But, towards the end of the break, we managed to get my entire house to ourselves. I was so excited, especially since all my sexual guy friends told me how awesome sex was, how it was the best thing ever, and now they couldn't rub it in my face ever again!

Any guys dating an asexual girl? How Do you deal with sex related stuff? : AskMen

Yet that's not what happened. We had a bit of a rough start.

She told me no sex after I proposed with a ring that didn't fit her finger I'm an awful shopper. Eventually I suggested a shower since the oil was a little sticky, oh sly devil I am. And just when I thought we were going to have sex: And it didn't feel odd at all. In fact it wasn't until my sexual guy friends started badgering me that it was an issue. My birthday is in January. One thing I haven't yet mentioned is sometimes my princess has trouble expressing emotions.

Communication is something she struggles with, and we've talked about this before. But for the most part, we love each other so much that we're willing to give up anything for the other sex for her, and no sex for me. Yet I noticed she had no interest in anything I was trying to do. I thought I wasn't a very good lover, maybe I didn't read enough on the topic, or pay enough attention to the guys who knew 'so much more than me about girls and sex'. Or worse; maybe she was seeing somebody at her college! She wouldn't return my texts or calls and my nervousness grew.

We had previously talked about the subject, how she felt that she didn't deserve me, that I should date someone else, all sorts of nonsense. But now, I was starting to wonder if she actually cared about me at all. And it hurt not to know that. It hurt a lot. She didn't know she was asexual; she just knew she didn't want to have sex. She is comfortable kissing, hugging cuddling, and general intimacy, but from the waist down, her shields are up! However, even though I try to think of myself as a loving and caring guy, I tend to become overemotional and I have been known to lash out when I feel slighted by those I care a lot about.

She missed my birthday, didn't invite me over to see her off to college again, and I felt incredibly dejected. Did she even love me anyone? Eventually we got to talking. I was madder than hell, totally hurt, and was crying like an idiot. When I vented my frustrations to her, she said it was her fault and she had no excuse. In fact, she brought up again that I should date someone else.


How Does Asexual Dating Work?

And while I wanted to be mad at her, to see her in such a state broke my rage instantly. I unleashed the floodgate of questions, such as, "Why didn't you text me? Why couldn't I see you go? What happened over the break? Was it something I did? She responded that she felt as if she couldn't talk to me, she "knew" I would be mad not to see her, it wasn't my fault and of course she loved me. She said that I should go and do it with other girls as she felt she was robbing me of an important event in my life.

I was and am opposed to the idea for us personally, though if it works well for other mixed relationships I may reconsider my ridged stance. She said she felt terrible that I "got stuck with the asexual girl". Had I realized this sooner, things would be WAY easier. But, I know now and after finding this site, I firmly believe that we'll have the support we need to continue our relationship.

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  6. Sorry that was so long: I'll try to keep them shorter this time. Anyways, my apologies again if anything was too graphic or out of place on the introductory post! I hope you guys can find a way of working things out so they work for the best. Have you talked to her at all about AVEN?