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Nowadays people are more health conscious and there are wonderful substitutions for fatty or unhealthy fare at our fingertips. Keeping these places alive is key to pushing us forward with quality ingredients to be innovative with. It has come full circle from people only cooking what they could grow on their own land to the more eclectic Southern fine dining scene we see today.

It is a respect for the food that grows around us and the animals raised around us.

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Southern farmers show the land and animals respect by growing and raising food sustainably and I attempt to show that same respect by working with the farmers directly and serving their products at Cypress. I think more people across the country are becoming aware of this farm to table movement with well-respected chefs bringing it to light and making it more easily accessible to their restaurants. Most of the food I cook is grown or raised within a mile radius.

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Knowing my farmers personally contributes to my passion for the food I am cooking and my awareness of the plates I am setting before guests in my restaurant. Chefs are recreating the flavors and dishes across the United States and guests are eating it up. I have been lucky enough to work with some great people in the Southern food scene such as the Brennan family from New Orleans and Louis Osteen from Charleston.

I use my education through them to try keep pushing forward with my food. I was 16 when I picked up my first knife in a professional kitchen. I was actually a fast learner and enjoyed trying new things I had never tried before. I found out I was actually pretty good at it and could hang with the veterans. I loved to come in everyday and learn new things.

But the best was how I felt when I would leave after a busy night; to know you did what seemed to be impossible at the time gave me sense of pride and made me feel unstoppable. I take inspiration from my surroundings, but also my staff. Southern food is about remembering the good times. Gullah cuisine is exotic to some but often omitted by others when they think of Southern food.

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I make traditional Gullah dishes, but I also spin some of them in a way that introduces them to this ever evolving culture. Putting your spin on the classics so it is more accessible to everyone. Check out the slideshow below of this year's Greatest Chefs! She was a bridesmaid in one of them and wore the classic ugly dress. Also, no prison confessions.


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