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Here is the link if you're wondering: You know, I think that's completely the wrong approach. By lulling fans into this false sense of comfort and letting them just continue as they are, SHINee should be telling their fans to show their colleagues a degree of respect. WGM is work and Na Eun deserves better working conditions. They baby their fans and these bunch of crazies end up thinking they own SHINee. I don't even know what the best approach is tbh..

Taemin practically grew up in this environment; and seeing his hyung go through what he did affected all the group for sure; especially him as the youngest. I feel sorry for him but I agree that for Naeun's sake something needs to be done, but it's not good to be rash with these things. If they make a move, it should be smart. In my country, people who behave like saesang, swearing random people on street can be landed in jail. I think I read here on netizenbuzz how Jokwon's fans treated Gain badly though.

Those girls are like thugs! They would probably throw anyone who'll mess with their dongsaeng! What they don't realize is that they are the ones who are making all of the "good stuff" happen. They crazier they react the closer the couple becomes! The more hate you give our girl the more protective your OPPA becomes! Gotta love the irony of the situation! Geez, it's just a tv-show! Fans are really stupid sometimes. I can imagine how she must have felt and how much embarassed was Taemin Crazy fans are not only from SM's groups you know.

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I don't really see why you are insulting all SM's fandoms for the actions of some fans. Shin Sekyung was off somewhere shooting a movie when the issue came out, so she was luckily away from the crazy fangirls for the most part of it. And LBR, she's more popular than Jonghyun. The clip of them on the date gives me goosebumps. It's crazy how all those ppl are crowding them and following them to the very end. Wow thats sad for him. When he's with Naeun, you can tell he looks genuinely happy, and crack jokes and stuff. Even if he was really in a relationship with someone these fan girls need to chill.

Haha, don't say that As if sones are going to let that happen lol Minho would get it worse.

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Goodness, fans need to calm down and learn some respect. These idols are human and someday will get married to someone that's not you. You K-Shawols are lucky enough already to see them in person almost everyday so stop abusing your privileges! Leave them alone and get on with your life!

Son Naeun Reveals How Idols Secretly Ask Each Other Out On Dates

You need to learn the difference between reality and fantasies. I feel bad for Na Eun she will be harass by those fans when they still on the show. I agree with this so much, everyone in KPOP needs to do this. That's why I was never was surprised by the 'sasaeng' culture, the industry fucking breeds these stalkers.

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Two things KPOP needs: Jonghyun is still very popular, dude. SSK had to take down her page and yes fan[girls] bashed her til no end. That was probably one reason why their relationship was so short. Honestly, why is this getting so much hate? I mean, is it NOT true?

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SM's groups, for the most part, are very popular and most of their fandoms are large so their crazies are more visible compared to others. I'm a Shawol and I completely agree with the statement above. THAT is how fans should react! Exo's Chanyeol said that male sones were glaring at him when he did a special perf with snsd on stage during snsd's special stage b4 they comeback with IGAB. Some people said that it was because Minho and Yuri used to date but they broke up. They rarely interact and awkward nowadays as compared to b4.

They used to interact a lot and comfortable with each other. She treats him just like she treats all her friends. Yuri likes girls and Minho was dating someone else, can't say name. Yuri is close to him just like she is to Amber or Donghae.

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I don't know the exact word to say.. I don't think they're fans if they act like this. But I just saying and heard what many fans assumed to be the reason why they were awkward lol. Taemin is from SM after all.

Idols from SM generally have crazy sasaengs and fangirls. Yes, obviously Taemin worrying because there were fans calling Naeun a slut and a bitch is totally scripted. He's actually really cold and heartless in real life and doesn't give a damn about other human beings -. The problem is who would want to watch that if it's just nugu idols on the show?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Actors and other celebrities e. MCs, presenters, models, important public figures etc. Haha it's already happening.

Necessarily l and naeun dating

Taemin is not shy about skinship at all let's all bow down to Jonghyun and thank him, shall we? SHINee guested on a lot of radio stations after making their comeback, like seriously, they were on a new one almost every day so I can't remember clearly. Jonghyun is million times more popular then shin se kyun i don't even know where u got that info from?? I wasn't into K-pop that many years back so I missed all the drama LOL Of course I thought about that.

You didn't have to call me naive: P I just stated what Taemin 'said' on the show. But it actually makes sense. I don't understand fans who don't want their oppa to be in relationship I mean, we're only fans, Donghae is my bias but all I want is for him to get a good girl who loves him and take care of him because I can't. I would still jealous and sad, but Isn't selfish to only want your oppa to be yours?