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Fire is still an element, be it candles or a fireplace, and a good meal is still the ultimate way to indicate you love someone — or at least want to get it on with them. And with its aqua ocean, balmy breezes, and sultry Latin flavor, Miami is the perfect place to fall in love. Proximity to the coast allows for water views. Then there are those sunsets. The most romantic restaurants all share the same winning factors: Whether you want to wow your Tinder date or celebrate your longtime honey, let the sparks fly at these eateries. Just be sure to book a reservation before getting dolled up. If your budget doesn't include a trip to Paris, Palme d'Or might be the next best experience in Miami.

The grande dame of Miami's dining scene, this beauty inside the Biltmore Hotel is anything but stuffy under the careful watch of James Beard-nominated chef Gregory Pugin. Oysters, foie gras, caviar, Kobe beef, and other luxuries help to seduce and delight.

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La Mar by Gaston Acurio. Dinner at a hotel restaurant can be a precursor to one lucky evening hello, hotel room , but La Mar by Gaston Acurio at the ultraluxe Mandarin Oriental on Brickell Key elevates the standard hotel dining scene via bold and flavorful Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, dramatic waterfront views of Biscayne Bay, and refined service that will make your date swoon. This dish alone will make you pucker in the best way — perfect practice for later.

Enter the s home and feel like you're in a Greek village complete with blue and white accents. Head to the cozy back patio for a complete Grecian experience, and enjoy a seat at a lantern-lit table beneath the trees. Italian and Mediterranean dishes are served on a foliage-filled patio at this restaurant tucked inside the Soho Beach House. Begin your evening at the intimate seat bar before sitting down. Look up to find the night sky competing with thousands of tiny white lights twinkling in the many trees dotting the property.

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Within six months of divorcing her husband, Rosado began dating Carlos Ortiz. Right away, Kvadus was worried.

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He'd known Ortiz for years. Rosado's new boyfriend was a handsome, outgoing barber and a wannabe tattoo artist with a real talent for sketching. But he was also a hopeless addict.

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  5. He'd been arrested for everything from marijuana trafficking to armed robbery, and Kvadus knew that when he wasn't in custody, he was usually strung out on heroin or morphine and sleeping on his friends' couches. But she didn't want to listen.

    She thought she could change him. Whatever hope Rosado had of removing drugs from their lives dissolved in June when that mammoth square grouper showed up in Key Largo. It all began with another of Kvadus' friends: Born in , Macauley had grown up in St. Petersburg with a single mother. Macauley racked up a long juvenile record.

    At the age of 16, he was convicted as an adult of felony burglary and sentenced to two years in prison. When he got out, he moved with his mom to Key Largo and started over as a fisherman on a boat called the Sea Horse. Macauley married and had two kids, including a boy with autism. Like Rosado, he was known as a devoted parent.

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    Rodriguez declined to talk to New Times and has likewise clammed up when pushed by police about the drugs; he hasn't been charged in the case. No one disputes that soon afterward, Macauley began slinging cocaine around the Upper Keys. Like any fisherman turning to drug dealing, Macauley needed help from the pros.

    He contacted Ortiz, who had plenty of connections in Key Largo's drug scene. Then he drafted Adrian Demblans, a local character who police say would play a key role in the violence to come. Among the troubled men rebuilding their lives on Key Largo's fishing docks, Adrian and his twin Kristian stood out. The brothers were muscular, tanned, and intimidating. At Palmetto High School, they both battled their way to varsity slots on a feared wrestling squad. Adrian in particular was a force, going his junior year in and making the All-Dade third team.

    But the Demblans twins were always on the verge of serious problems. When they did get in trouble, he says, "they would have done anything to cover for each other. In July , the thenyear-old Kristian was stopped by police near the Dolphin Mall with two pounds of weed in his trunk. The next month, the feds closed in on his brother.

    A confidential informant told ATF agents that Adrian was an "armed narcotics distributor," and promised to set up a sting.

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    A few days later, Adrian delivered 35 grams of free-base coke in a ziplock bag to a narcotics cop as the feds swooped in. He later pleaded guilty to two counts of cocaine trafficking and served two years in prison. Unlike most of their Keys friends, the Demblans were never hard up for cash. I don't know why he does that, but he doesn't need to.

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    Whatever their reasons, the Demblans brothers were well known in the Upper Keys for their drug ties. According to the cops, Macauley eventually carved up his find and enlisted Carlos Ortiz, Adrian Demblans, and others to help sell it. As the cash began pouring in, Macauley's life changed. He bought a new truck and draped gold jewelry around his neck.

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    Ortiz also made money. Macauley rented out a storefront next to the barbershop where Ortiz worked and helped fund that tattoo and smoke shop Ortiz had always wanted. He called it Ink-Your Dreamzzz. Ortiz spent weeks tearing up tile floors and installing flat-screen TVs and tattoo gear. But he was also using drugs.

    Steele Hancock, a friend, noticed him deteriorating in September and October Asked later by police about the narcotics Ortiz was using, Hancock said, "It would probably be easier to name the drugs he wasn't doing. Cocaine, pills, and heroin He got himself into really bad debt with drug dealers.

    By early October, Ortiz was ready to try anything. As Ortiz's drug supply ran low, he feuded with Macauley over the unfinished tattoo shop which Hancock suggests might have been meant as a front to launder the cocaine profits. The day before his murder, Ortiz looked "like he hadn't slept for three days.

    I'm just like, Holy God ," Hancock said. I'm in a lot of trouble. I need a big amount of money I'm gonna try to extort these guys,'" Hancock recalled Ortiz saying. Ortiz, clad in black gym shorts and a black tank top, had taken a single. Rosado wore flip-flops, dark sweat pants, and a black shirt that read "Sexy" in gold glitter; someone had held a gun to the back of her head and pulled the trigger, firing a round that entered her brain and came out near her right eye.

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    Who would execute a young couple in their own bedroom on a quiet Thursday night in the Keys? Technicians and cops swarmed the double-wide. They marked bullet holes and cataloged evidence while a specially trained officer sat with Rosado's traumatized children next door. A small team of detectives huddled. They knew they would have to find answers fast. The Keys are no utopia. Heroin use has risen on the islands in recent years, and deputies deal with plenty of sexual assaults and violent fights.

    But murder is extremely rare.

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    Just one homicide had been reported in all of Monroe County in the previous two years. Police started where such murders usually begin: He had stayed nearby after their divorce, working at a Home Depot in Homestead. Detectives quickly tracked him down but just as rapidly ruled him out. He had an ironclad alibi: He had worked the night of the murder and then stayed with friends.